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“What We Learn in Vegas DOESN’T Stay in Vegas”

Professional Association of Innkeepers International 2013 Las Vegas Tradeshow

Vegas 2013 PAII ConferenceThis year our National Conference was held in Las Vegas at the Historic Tropicana Hotel and Casino.

Continuing education is like an iPad that has just been plugged into the wall socket.  The iPad has been working just fine, but you notice in the corner of the device there is a low battery icon.  You search for a plug.  When you find  the plug, you plug in the device and you hear that familiar PING.  You look back at the icon and a lightning bolt appears telling you that it is recharging.

It is the same feeling we get when we attend our national “PAII” Bed and Breakfast conference.  We have owned our Inn for 14 years and each time we return from our national conference, we return re-energized and excited about being innkeepers.  We look at things from a new perspective.  We have new ideas buzzing in our minds that we can’t wait to share with the staff.

We pick a new idea to implement within the first few days after our return.  Sometimes they are large changes.  Sometimes they are very small but can make our lives easier or more efficient.  This year we are looking forward to a couple refreshing changes.  In the months to come we will be upgrading some software that will make your reservation experience easier and faster. We will also be adding some things that will make our guests’ stay more enjoyable.

So like an iPad that has just been recharged, we are ready to start working at full power on some new ideas and surprises. Our Asheville bed and breakfast will have some amazing changes in the very near future.

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