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“Hauntings at the 1889 WhiteGate Inn”

With Halloween now behind us for another year, we are reminded to think about those spirits that surround us at the 1889 WhiteGate Inn. Last week at breakfast, a couple staying with us mentioned that they had taken one of our Asheville Ghost Tours and were surprised when the bus stopped at the WhiteGate Inn and the tour guide proceeded to talk about the ghosts at our Asheville Inn. The wife leaned over to her husband and joked that they better not be staying in one of those haunted rooms or she was going to ask the innkeepers to move her to another room!

Frank proceeded to tell the guests gathered in the dining room about our ghosts. When Frank and Ralph purchased our Asheville Bed and Breakfast in 1999, Frank was by himself a lot since there was little business, and Ralph was still practicing dentistry full-time and only coming up on weekends. Having grown up in a haunted house in Cleveland, Frank began to feel he was not alone in the Inn. He would hear footsteps on the stairs, the sound of lights clicking off and on, doors slamming shut, and other unexplained noises.

One weekend Frank and Ralph were perusing the local book section in our favorite Asheville bookstore, Malaprop’s when we came across ‘Haunted Asheville’ by Joshua Warren. Joshua had been hired by the Grove Park Inn to investigate the Pink Lady, a ghost who made herself known to many staff and guests at the Grove Park. We called Joshua, who lives in Asheville, and he was more than happy to conduct an official ghost investigation at our Asheville Inn. Joshua and two other members of his team came to the Inn when it was unoccupied and spent 24 hours. They had an array of sophisticated camera, electromagnetic reading devises, thermal sensors and sound recording equipment.

The crew covered every area in our Asheville Bed and Breakfast from the attic to the basement and recorded a number of unexplained sounds, cold spots, hot spots, and images. “Hot Spots” were identified in the Robert Frost Room, the Parlor, and the basement. Floating orbs were photographed in several areas. Concentrations of electromagnetic energy were also identified. Three separate spirits were identified, one in particular who is very active, has been tagged as Marion Bridgette or affectionately called Miss B., the nurse who purchased the house in 1928. Marion Bridgette’s room was the Robert Frost Room, the original master bedroom in the house.

We have gotten used to sharing our Asheville Inn with spirits who are connected to the original house. Even our guests who are more sensitive enjoy the extra attention they get from “Miss B”. We hope she never leaves!

Current Safety Guidelines

By order of Buncombe County, masks are no longer required in indoor common spaces, restaurants and retail shops. The 1889 WhiteGate Inn however requires masks indoors. Our staff is fully vaccinated and here to make your stay safe.