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“1889 WhiteGate Inn or The Money Pit”

Guests are always asking if it’s hard to keep our Asheville Inn in good shape and the answer is “Yes and No”. When you own a structure that is over 120 years old, you get used to what it takes to keep it looking good. For those guests who stayed with us recently you may have noticed the back of the Inn was in need of painting. Well, our trusty painter and handyman Tommy Lucas has been working hard all week prepping and painting the back of our Asheville B&B.

Guests love the dark, rich color of the WhiteGate Inn. It’s a paint color called Dark Rookwood Red, and as much as we love it, dark colors tend to fade quickly. The Inn is entirely covered with Cedar Shingles, thus the term “English-Shingle Style’ refers to the architecture. Tommy pressure-washed the entire south side of our Asheville Inn, and has replaced a number of deteriorating shingles. He has used 5 coats of paint as the shingles really soak up the paint. A previous painter used a product called Shear-coat that covers everything painted and gives the Inn that shiny finish that quests seem to love. Tommy will apply the Shear-coat tomorrow. We’ve had incredible, warm, sunny weather in Asheville this week so it has been a great time to paint.

We try to have no deferred maintenance at our Asheville Bed and Breakfast, because if you don’t keep up with repairs, the list will get longer and longer. We joke that every historic inn needs to have a handy man and a plumber on speed-dial. It is rare that we go more than a few days before we have to call one of these guys. Tommy is great at repairs and will be replacing some rotten wood on our front porch columns and resurfacing some deteriorating concrete on the sidewalk while he is here.

Another reason we try to keep our repairs under control is that we belong to two organizations that inspect us frequently and we do not know when the inspectors might show up. They are Select Registry and AAA. Since we received our 4 Diamond rating this past spring, there is little margin for deferred maintenance so we are grateful to have talented workmen to keep our “Money Pit” in the best shape we can!



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