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Thanksgiving Dinner at the 1889 WhiteGate Inn

The 1889 WhiteGate Inn hosted the 2nd. annual Thanksgiving dinner for guests. The entire staff and Frank & Ralph participated in shopping, preparing dishes, setting up the dining room, serving, cleaning up, and sharing the left overs.

Brenda organized the event and planned the menu, assigning tasks to the group. She was responsible for cooking the turkey, putting the individual cheese trays together, cooking and preparing the shrimp cocktails, putting together the iceberg wedges with feta and homemade dressing, and cooking a wonderful sweet potato casserole. Frank roasted a selection of fresh vegetables and made buttered parsley potatoes. Ralph was responsible for the dressing, made from his mother’s recipe. Kelly and Kyle made the desserts, a delicious chocolate pecan pie and a three layer pumpkin-cheesecake pie. Vickie and Sherry kept the kitchen clean and things moving smoothly as courses were plated , served and cleared.

The festive event started with wine and Hors d’oeuvres at 5:00 in the living room in front of the fire., and moved into the dining room at 5:30. Happy and “well satisfied” guests paced themselves through 6 courses as the staff in the kitchen joked about who in the dining room would actually be able to consume all that wonderful food! One guests actually came close, but he even left some of the main course.

All in all everyone, guests and staff included had a fun evening and look forward to doing it again next year. There were plenty of leftovers to share. Ida Claire and Stryker Roch even got a little turkey later Thanksgiving night!

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