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Hurricane IDA… Ida Claire?

OK … So we make the decision to take a vacation. It has been three years since we actually went somewhere just to get away and have fun and relax together. New Orleans has been a place that we have loved for many years and we set the date to go, November 8th.

The hardest part of going anywhere are the looks on our dogs Ida Claire and Stryker Roch’s faces as we bring down the suitcases to pack. There have been times where Ida Claire has actually turned her back to us, sat, and pouted. Stryker mopes around the house and gets listless. We always feel horrible leaving them and they sure know how to pour on the guilt, if you believe that they can do that. Now just a side note, they are never left in a kennel. They go to the Inn and stay there with the staff that spoils them rotten.

Now comes November 6th and there is a tropical storm heading for the Gulf of Mexico. November 7th the storm is upgraded to a category 1 Hurricane. The path of the storm seems to be directly tracked to hit, where else, New Orleans. The kicker of the whole thing is that the storm is called IDA. I call it poetic justice but I think that a good friend of ours said it best “What’s this I hear…ah yes, it’s hurricane IDA!! I-Da-Claire!!

Well we got lucky. The hurricane was downgraded to a tropical storm by the time it hit shore east of New Orleans. We did get some drizzle but the rain was far from the French Quarter where we were staying. We are home now and both Ida Claire and Stryker Roch are resting well knowing that we are home and they are back to life as normal. Oh..What a life….

***Ida Clair*** and ***Stryker Roch***

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