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Pet Friendly Asheville Lodging

Ida Claire and Stryker Roch are our two Pembroke Welsh Corgis.

Ida Claire is feisty and fun loving. She can’t get enough of play time. She is a classic red color with a soft sweet face. Ida has never met a human she didn’t love.

Stryker Roch is a tri-color and is the love bug of the two. He has deep soulful eyes and a calm demeanor.

Ida and Stryker have retired from coming to the Inn.  Ida’s job as always is making sure that she keeps Stryker in line at home.  Stryker’s job is to watch the house and keep us safe.

They still would like to invite you to bring your dogs to the Inn.  Asheville is such a pet friendly city you and your dog will have a great time!

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